Veal is the meat of a calf up to one-year old. A white, tender, and very lean meat, veal is considered a delicacy by many chefs.

But quality can vary depending on how the calf was reared. A hundred years ago, the finest veal came from calves raised on a diet of milk, eggs, and occasionally barley. Today, the best veal calves are raised on mother's milk.

Veal is rich in iron and phosphorus.

Grimod de La Reyniere called veal the "chameleon of cooking" because it can be prepared in so many different styles. The widest variety of veal dishes come from France, where recipes range from stuffed breast of veal to bresolles to saddle of veal Orloff. There are many Italian recipes as well, including osso bucco, piccata, and saltimbocca. Of course, there's also the Austrian Wiener schnitzel and the very British veal and ham pie.

What to Look For

Veal should be moist and appear white or slightly pink. The best cuts of veal are the rump end of the loin, the loin, the leg, the ribs and shortened best end of neck, and the filet. The next best cuts come from the shoulder, breast, flank and upper ribs.



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Veal Diagram

Here is a helpful diagram that shows you the many different cuts of beef we can prepare for you, and where they come from on the veal calf.

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Here are a few images of some of the cuts of Veal we offer you at 90 Meat Outlet.

Veal Images
Veal Arm Roast Veal Blade Roast Veal Bonless Rip Chop Veal Boneless Rip Roast
Veal Crown Roast Veal Rib Roast Veal Short Ribs  

Remember, you can have your selections custom cut for you. For your favorite recipes, simply come and tell us how you would like your meat prepared for you, and our expert meat cutters will prepare your order for you according to your specifications.

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