Poultry has long been a favorite form of meat for nearly as long as people have been eating meat.

Chicken is a very popular and versatile meat product. Whether fried, baked, roasted, or deep fried, chicken makes its way onto many tables each and every day.

For a different approach, other poultry products, such as cornish game hens, add a sense of variety and delicacy to one's menu.

And, of course, for traditional holidays and other special events, turkey is carefully prepared and dressed up for the occasion.

Whatever your poultry needs, we at 90 Meat Outlet can cut and prepare your order for you in whatever way you like.



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Here are a few images of some of the cuts of Poultry we offer you at 90 Meat Outlet.

Remember, you can have your selections custom cut for you. For your favorite recipes, simply come and tell us how you would like your meat prepared for you, and our expert meat cutters will prepare your order for you according to your specifications.

Poultry Images
Chicken Breast Chicken Filets Chicken Leg Chicken Leg Quarter
Chicken Thigh Chicken Whole Drumstick  

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