The pig is often thought of as a chubby beast. In fact, they aren't. Modern pig- raising methods produce a very lean carcass with a thin layer of fat. A cousin of the wild boar, the pig was one of the first animals to be domesticated. In cultures around the world, the pig is the meat of feast and celebration. Pork is the most popular meat in Scandinavia, Germany, and France.

What to Look For

The old saying that you can eat every part of a pig but the squeal is almost true. The shoulder, loin, tenderloin, leg, side, spare rib, shoulder, and hock all provide delicious cuts of pork. The best pork is firm and pink. It should not be too red, too white, too fat, or damp.



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Pork Diagram

Here is a helpful diagram that shows you the many different cuts of pork we can prepare for you, and where they come from.

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Pork Images
3-piece Side of Pork Pork Loin Center Cut Bone In Pork Loin Full Bone In Pork Shoulder Picnic Bone In
Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Pork Shoulder Picnic Cushion Pork Side Pork Shoulder Picnic Boneless

Remember, you can have your selections custom cut for you. For your favorite recipes, simply come and tell us how you would like your meat prepared for you, and our expert meat cutters will prepare your order for you according to your specifications.

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