The lamb has long been a symbol of renewed life and vigor. A lamb often appears on the coats of arms of butchers' guilds. It is the traditional meat served in France on Easter Sunday. Lamb is served in a wide variety of recipes from many countries, especially Europe and the Middle East. It is usually roasted. Chops and cutlets are often grilled.

What to Look For

Tenderness and taste depend on the age of the lamb when slaughtered. Older lambs provide meat with a stronger flavor than young animals. Lamb should be firm to the touch and range in color from dark pink to pink.




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Lamb Diagram

Here is a helpful diagram that shows you the many different cuts of lamb we can prepare for you, and where they come from on the lamb.

Remember, you can have your selections custom cut for you. For your favorite recipes, simply come and tell us how you would like your meat prepared for you, and our expert meat cutters will prepare your order for you according to your specifications.

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