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"Truly yours are the best prices around. I have searched other wholesale meat outlets all over Western Mass. and Connecticut; none even come close to your value, prices and great customer service. Keep up the good work, 90 Meat!"

--Charles Hobson, Chicopee, MA

"I just want to say that you have the greatest customer support I've ever seen in a wholesale distributor! Your service is comparable to the friendly and courteous treatment I receive at most country markets. Yet, your great prices and quality of products makes it all the more pleasant to visit, even from someone living out of the way, like I do."

--Doreen Canton, Otis, MA

      When Jim Vallides opened 90 Meat Outlet in Springfield in 1998, he wanted to give people the best variety and highest quality of meat, not at competitive prices, but the very best prices in the area.
      Located at 90 Avocado Street, 90 Meat Outlet serves hundreds of customers each week who come from far and wide for the outstanding variety of meat, pork and poultry – along with weekly specials that save people even more money off the store’s already low prices.
      “We buy in volume direct from the manufacturers. We completely eliminate the middle man. We save a lot of money and we pass that entire savings on to our customers," said Vallides
      At 90 Meat Outlet, customers can save up to thirty percent – paying much less than they would at other stores in the area. And at Vallides’ shop, they specialize in meat, pork and poultry – it’s their entire business so they have to be the best. It’s not just a sideline like it is at so many other stores and markets in the area.
      “And that’s what matters most to people in this economy – making their hard earned money go as far as it can, and getting the best quality product. We help them do that."
      90 Meat Outlet has an entire staff of highly trained, well-informed butchers that cut, grind and package meat all day. The store is constantly receiving shipments from the highest quality manufacturers from across the country.
      But while you will find the highest quality products at 90 Meat Outlet, you won’t find any frills.
      “We don’t have anybody greeting you at the door; we don’t have anybody walking you through the store. We’re strictly here to save people money and give them a great product," said Vallides.
      Rising prices is something everyone worries about – but you don’t have that concern when you shop at 90 Meat Outlet. The store is constantly holding the line on price increases – in fact, the cost of most products hasn’t risen in more than a year.
      “If I have to switch brands to save people money, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll never compromise on quality – but I will work tirelessly to give people the best price around."
      90 Meat Outlet guarantees the quality of its products, and it’s easy for them to do that because they’re so picky about what they purchase and sell to the public.
      “We want to make sure that you get the best possible cut of meat so that you may have the best possible value when you cook and serve your recipes."
      90 Meat Outlet has a variety of products to satisfy any palette. But if you’re looking for a special cut of meat, you can call the store in advance, and the experienced staff of meat cutters will custom cut your order for you, and have it ready when you arrive.
      90 Meat Outlet’s formula for saving people money has proven to be very successful. The store has expanded to nearly four times its original size to serve a loyal and growing list of customers.
      “We have customers come from as far away as Albany, N.Y., Boston, Naugatuck, CT. and Vermont every week."
      “If a customer is willing to come from that far away, and tell their friends about us, I think that says a lot about the quality and price of our products."
      90 Meat Outlet is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.


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